EZ Grabber Review
EZ Grabber Review
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EZ Grabber Review

The EZ Grabber is an interesting reacher. The suction cup tips add a new dimension to the grabbing feature of a reacher grabber. For many instances the cups are a benefit. In some cases, it's a drawback.

First, I think the cups are helpful when grabbing onto things like cans or jars. When placed properly it feels more secure than reacher tools that don't have suction cups.

However when it comes to items like paper, the cups can actually end up creasing or folding paper until you get a good hold of it. Another drawback of the cups is that if you use this reacher to pick up clothing, the cups can occasionally get stuck and almost rip right off due to the weight of the clothing item.

EZ Grabber
EZ Grabber

Overall, however, this is a fine reacher. It does have a rotating mechanism but that feature is sort of irritating to use. I don't find that I use the rotation very often at all.

The EZ Grabber is moderately priced at around $20.

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