PikStik Pro Reacher Review
PikStik Pro Reacher Review
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PikStik Pro Reacher Review

I bought the PikStik reacher to see if it was better than the one I rolled over in my wheelchair so I thought I'd provide a PikStik review for people.

It was light to hold and although I felt like the claw wasn't going to hold as much as it appeared, it did a good job.

At times it was difficult to pick up a piece of paper with the PikStik but eventually I figured out the way to angle my wrist and make it a bit easier.

There are a few different lengths for the PikStik and a bunch of different variations. It's a very popular reacher and I would recommend it. Find a PikStik reacher here.

PikStik Pro Reacher

PikStik Pro Reacher

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