Medline Reacher Grabbers
Medline Reacher Grabbers
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Medline Reacher Grabbers
The Medline reacher grabber tool is one easily found at retail stores like Target or Walmart. A combination of aluminum with a plastic claw, the Medline reacher tool is lightweight and durable.

Since the claw on a Medline reacher grabber tool is fairly simple it can pick up a lot of things easily. However, if the tips of the Medline reacher start to wear, it can be difficult to pick up things like coins.

The handle on the Medline reacher tool is different than a typical "trigger" handle that other reachers have. The Medline reacher grabber handle can make it physically a bit easier to hold tightly onto something that might require extra lifting.

Lastly, the Medline reacher grabber tool is a suitable replacement for the old Golden Retriever reacher which is not being sold anymore. The design is virtually the same, it's just that the medline reacher grabber isn't golden!

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Medline 31

Medline 31" Reacher

No assembly required, Easily picks up anything from a penny to a can of vegatables, Professional quality, Easy grip handle, 31 inch ultra light reacher

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