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Reacher Buying Guide

Which reacher tool do I need!?!?!!

There are many types of reacher tools out there. See if you fit into any of the categories below and one of the recommended reachers will hopefully work for you!

I stand and walk but have trouble bending over
In this case you might want to get a reacher that is slightly longer (31" or more) so you don't have to do any bending whatsoever. If you are very tall then the longer the better. You might also consider an adjustable length reacher.

I use a wheelchair
You might want two reachers -- a long one and a short one. The long one can be used to reach high things or places like under the bed. A long reacher can be awkward to use for things right next to you on the floor, however. In those cases you probably want a short reacher. It takes less effort to maneuver a shorter reacher when something is in the claw and it's easier to drop the contents on your lap.

My grip is weak
A reacher with a locking claw might be good for you. When the claw is clenched you can lock it so that it will not release whatever it has in its hold. If you cannot physically clench a claw on a reacher then there are also reachers that use magnets or hooks instead of a claw.

My arms are weak
Most reachers are extremely light. The weight comes about when you pick something up. A rule of thumb is that things feel heavier when they are suspended a distance away from your body. So the load on a longer reacher might be more difficult for you to maneuver than the load on a short reacher.