Reacher Grabber For Cleaning
Reacher Grabber For Cleaning
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Reacher Grabber For Cleaning
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Cleaning is hands-down the time I use my reacher grabber most often.

I tend to end up with lots of little things on the floor since end up dropping every little thing all the time. I don't always like to pick it up right away. So when I am cleaning I go on little reacher grabber "missions."

This involves taking my reacher grabber and scouring the entire house for things on the ground. I grab them, collect them in my lap or in a bag and then sort it all out later. It's much faster to do it this way.

I also use my reacher grabber to clean things that might be out of reach, like the bath tub edges, behind the toilet, and windows that I can't reach.

In a pinch I also will use a reacher grabber with a wet paper towel to scrub a spot off the floor too.

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