Reacher Grabber For Hygiene
Reacher Grabber For Hygiene
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Reacher Grabber For Hygiene
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A reacher grabber can also assist with personal hygiene. I take mine in the shower all the time and it's very helpful.

When in the shower, it's easy to grab a sponge with the reacher grabber and wash your feet, lower legs and/or knees. It might not be the most thorough scrubbing, but it beats not scrubbing them at all.

It's also helpful to reach a dropped soap bar or shampoo container if you have your reacher grabber right there with you.

My reacher grabber is also helpful when removing clothes for bathing and picking them up so they are out of the way getting in/out of the shower.

Finally, if there are knobs on the tub spout or other things you need to twist/turn to get your shower going you can use the reacher to assist with that as well.

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