Reacher Grabber For Laundry
Reacher Grabber For Laundry
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Reacher Grabber For Laundry
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I use my reacher grabber whenever I do laundry and it's important for maintaining my independence. Often I will use the reacher grabber to pick up clothes after I have taken them off and put them in the hamper.

I will also use the reacher grabber to pull sheets off the bed, reach pillows to remove pillow cases, and pick up towels off the floor.

During the laundry cycle, I will usually not use the reacher grabber until I need to get things out of the dryer. But sometimes I will drop an article of clothing when transferring from the washer to the dryer and use the reacher grabber to pick it up.

Once the dryer cycle is done, I often find one or two things stuck in the back of the dryer that I can't reach. This is where the reacher grabber comes in handy!

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