Reacher Grabber In The Car
Reacher Grabber In The Car
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Reacher Grabber In The Car
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I keep an extra reacher grabber in my car at all times. There are more uses than you think!

In my case, I do have trouble with my arms too so I like to use my reacher gabber to grab parking garage tickets and pay tolls.

I also find it easy to use my reacher grabber to clean up the car floor quickly. If something gets stuck on the dashboard down near the hood, I can reach it easily without straining.

If something falls behind the back seat or I need something from on the back seat, I can reach it with out having to get up.

Lastly, there have been times when I dropped something as I was getting out of the car, and it was handy to be able to use the reacher grabber to pick up things off the ground or from slightly underneath the car.

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