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Reacher on the Road
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Reacher on the Road

In 2007 I traveled by myself almost 18,000 miles around the country playing wheelchair tennis. Aside from my wheelchair, of course, by far the most useful item I had with me was my simple reacher tool. It's one of the reasons I decided to start this site.

My shoulders are very weak so one of the things I cannot do easily is grab those automated parking tickets at parking garages. Having my reacher immediately handy solved the stress of having to reach out and pull a ticket that may or may not be within reach. I could stop, put the car in park, grab my reacher, and use it to pull the ticket. The gate would lift and I could proceed without holding up any of the cars behind me.

My reacher was also very useful in unfamiliar hotel rooms. Every hotel I stayed in was different. Most of the time I was in a wheelchair accessible room. Sometimes, however, I would have to use the reacher to help me do such things as pull curtains, reach thermostats, and grab things out of the mini bar, of course! Sometimes the inconvenience of large furniture would block light switches and such. Having the reacher was helpful then too.

There were even occasions when I couldn't physically get my wheelchair into a bathroom. Using my handy reacher I could at least pull towels off the bathroom racks and even turn on/off the water faucet just so I could brush my teeth or wash my face with a wash cloth.

When by yourself, a reacher can simply add the convenience of being able to pick things up quickly. Should I drop my keys or need to pick up clothes off the floor, my reacher would always come in handy.

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