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Reacher Grabbers Reviews and Deals
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Reacher Grabbers Reviews and Deals

Let me help you find the best reacher grabber for you or your loved one. I have personally benefitted from using a reacher grabber tool and decided to share what I know about the reachers I have used. I hope you find this information helpful.

A reacher grabber tool is extra handy for people with disabilities, back or leg disorders, or others with dificulty reaching or grabbing things from high and low places.

There are many types of reacher grabbers, such as aluminum reachers, the ez reacher grabbers, ergonomic reacher grabber tools, folding reacher grabbers, and many others including a replacement for the discontinued golden retriever reacher.

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The reacher tools I use the most are the Medline Reacher (formerly the Golden Retriever Reacher) and my recommendation for the best cheap reacher grabber (see below).

Finally, read about how my reacher tool came in handy on my trip around the country.

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Current Best Reviewed Reacher Grabbers (Buy 2! One for backup or the car!)

Best Overall Reacher Grabber Tool
Medline Reacher

Medline 31" Reacher

No assembly required, Easily picks up anything from a penny to a can of vegatables, Professional quality, Easy grip handle, 31 inch ultra light reacher tool. This reacher is a replacement for the golden retriever reacher which is no longer made.

List Price: $29.98

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Best Folding Reacher Grabber Tool
Best Folding Reacher Grabber Tool

This folding reacher is a folding version of another great reacher that is extremely lightweight and durable. There is a magnetic tip with a post that also helps you pick things up or drag things. The claw is great for picking things up off the floor. The only drawback is it's not the best for grabbing jars or containers, however, it is wonderful for about 95% of things.

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Best Cheap Reacher Grabber Tool
Best Cheap Reacher Grabber Tool

This is a super affordable reacher grabber tool that is a great backup reacher if you have a favorite, but will also do the trick if you just need an old reliable. Usually around $10, you could buy two of these and they'll go a long way. The magnetic tip works well and the trigger is easy to use.

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Here are some additional reacher grabber tool reviews that we have put together for you. These are based on hands-on experiences with these reachers.

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